Technology Solutions for Non Profits

Empowering Western Connecticut Non-Profits with affordable IT Solutions

From one non-profit to another…

Leading a non-profit is no small task. As a fellow non-profit organization, TS4NP understands that your time and resources are at a premium.

Our mission:

To deliver affordable Information Technology resources to small and medium sized Western Connecticut non-profits and to ultimately facilitate greater business effectiveness and efficiency.

By partnering with TS4NP, you can put the focus back on your organizational leadership and strategy and reinvest your time where it counts: in your programs.

What we can do for you

Reduce your risk and improve your productivity with:

  • Recommended software
    • Selected and vetted by TS4NP to meet non-profit agency needs alongside agency specific applications
    • Regularly updated and maintained
  • Managed services
    • Your computers, software and data managed for you
    • Databases/files continuously backed up
    • Improved security and protection against viruses
  • Training
    • Classes based on recommended software and specific to agency needs